EPISTEME was formally founded in 2011 by Ralitza and Emmanuel Petit. We believe that architecture is a cultural discipline which comes into its own in the interaction between different types of practices that negotiate the demands of the order of things with the logic of ideas. EPISTEME is our think-tank, within which we run our architectural research in the widest sense; it includes design projects, as well as writing, and teaching. Architecture becomes relevant where it relies on its disciplinary expertise while, at the same time, reaching out to connect to broader cultural ideas. We are thus interested in the relationship between the interior organizational logic of spatial form and the background of cultural ideas that condition our choice of particular formal orders — the episteme. Michel Foucault defined the episteme as “a worldview, a slice of history common to all branches of knowledge, which imposes on each one ... a certain structure of thought that the men of a particular period cannot escape — a great body of legislation written once and for all by some anonymous hand.” To give spatial form to the episteme requires an act of interpretation, and thus binds these forms to the cultural context from which they emerge.



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